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Demanding customers searching for individuality can now find their exclusive hideaway in HACIENDA MAGIC SPOT ESTATE 

Here, the quality of living corresponds to your quality of life!  
The view is directed towards the beautiful whitecap riddled, azure blue sea. Continuous light sea breezes and the warm 84°F air constitute the magnificent weather here. The sound of palm leaves rustling in the wind and the uncountable number of bird songs influence a fascinating ambiance. 
Is there anything more beautifu?
MAGIC SPOT ESTATE is located in Abreu, about 37 miles from the international airport of Puerto Plata. Consisting of 30,000 square miles of land and situated on a hill shrouded in palm trees, it boasts a magnificent panoramic ocean view of 180 degrees . page1image7872
Do you dare dream of something like this ?
Under the palm trees, just steps away from the Caribbean Sea, merely 5 minutes from the
world famous PLAYA GRANDE – a vast stretch of almost deserted beach - is a villa that has all
that an individual accustomed to luxury may possibly desire. Dream no further, this place exists ...Welcome to HACIENDA MAGIC SPOT ESTATE. The name is translated from the German title „Magischer Punkt“ which in turn  is derived from the French word PRESTIGE meaning acknowledgment and wonder. 
Ocean View
Our focus is on building your own autonomous villa or large apartment from REVI DESIGN as your main residence, holiday home or investment. HACIENDA MAGIC SPOT ESTATE is designed to ensure from Alpha = Autonomous to Omega = Oriented towards the futurepeople’s quality of life in ecological harmony with nature. 
MAGIC SPOT ESTATE values ecology without sacrificing solidity, comfort or style. Each villa offers its own individual, self-contained power supply via various solar, wind and water power generation modules. We ensure comfortable living through extensive service. REVI DESIGN and ATLANTIS CONSTRUCTIONS guarantee a wide range of services, from customer consulting in your native language, through the individual planning of your project, to the turnkey delivery of your new dream villa. We take into account and aim to fulfill your every additional and exceptional personal wishes. 


Abreu, Dominican Republic 
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