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After selling my construction business in Zuerich
(Switzerland) in 1989 I moved to the Dominican
Republic, following in Columbus' steps and almost 600
years ago Columbus said:
„ This is the most beutiful land 
                             that human eyes have ever seen„
Today, 23 years after I moved here, I still agree.
In 1990, my wife Nicole and I founded the real estate and
construction company ATLANTIS CONSTRUCCIONES
, so others could live their dream of a beautiful
Carribean Villa and lifestyle.
Renato Visetti
Friendly, Knowledgeable, Reliable
leading European real estate and construction company which
was established in the Dominican Republic in 1990. We know
the country, the people, and the laws and regulations. Because
of our extensive knowledge and experience, we are your ideal
partner in fulfilling your dream of escaping to a Caribbean
island. Our years of experience in this beautiful country, our
communication skills, and professionalism are just a few factors
responsible for our success.
It is our job to help you- not only with words but action !
„Live your dream.
Do not dream of life .“
Motto of Nicole Visetti (co-owner of
Nicole and Renato Visetti
Your partner in the Dominican Republic.
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