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The Dominican Republic has a politically stable,democratically elected government. The safety of a stable
government means you can live a "laid back", tranquil lifestyle
with at least 350 days of sunshine . We are able to offer our
clients a choice of pre-owned villas, or we can custom build a
villa to your dreams and specifications including villas that are
completely self-sufficient.
If you have ever dreamed of acquiring a new home, a second home,
or starting a new life on a beautiful, lush, sun-soaked Caribbean island, 
then you have arrived at the right time and place. Whether as a vacation
home, second home or a permanent residence in paradise, 
Right Now is the perfect time to take advantage
of the great rates and investment opportunities before it is too late .


Regardless of whether you decide to
purchase an existing property, or decide to
build your dream house - You are talking
to the right people. All our available
properties have been checked by us and
• Registration in the Land Registry
• Satellite Surveying
• Proof of Debt Freedom
In the Dominican Republic foreigners can safely purchase and own
real estate either as a private person or as a corporation..
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