Ubication :

Inside oft the Hacienda Magic Spot, Abreu, Dominican Republic




Distance to Cabrera (Shopping, Schools, Clinics etc. 8 KM)

Distance to the int. Golf course Playa Grande 5 Km

Distance to Santo Domingo (Capital) 200 KM

Distance to the int. Airport Puerto Plata 60Km


Description of the Eco Lodge Units:


There are 2 models to choose from:


Model A:




Model B:




  • Ocean view from all Lodges
  • All units are furnished and equipped (ready to move in)
  • Independent solar energy
  • Independent water supply provided by the Hacienda Magic Spot
  • Suitable as vacation home or investment
  • Swiss quality construction (High end)
  • Integrated into nature
  • Led lights
  • Solar hot water
  • Biological septic system


Concept oft the Hacienda Magic Spot Eco Lodges:


We sell all units as 100% ownership (notary sales contract, registration of ownership and transfer oft he property into the buyers name)


The concept oft he sales price is calculated, to let the unit reach their Real Estate Value through rentals within a period of 7 years.


This means: The buyer (for example) has the right to use or rent the unit -1 month per year without paying any costs. Hacienda Magic Spot hast he right to rent the unit the remaining 11 months, and to receive through this rentals the real value oft he unit.


During these 7 years there are no extra costs (electricity, maintenance etc.) for the buyer, those will be paid by Hacienda Magic Spot. After the 7 years the unit will be given over completely renovated to the owner to be used by him 100% ( 12 months a year) the buyer/owner will start paying the monthly bills starting from then.



Prices of the Eco Lodges :


Usage oft he owner  /

Months per year                                                    Unit A (USD):           Unit B  (USD):         


1                                                                                             70,000.-                  125,000.-

2                                                                                             75,000.-                  132,500.-

3                                                                                             80,000.-                  140,000.-

4                                                                                             85,000.-                  147,500.-

5                                                                                             90,000.-                  155,000.-

6                                                                                             95,000.-                  162,500.-

7                                                                                           100,000.-                  170,000.-

8                                                                                           105,000.-                  177,500.-

9                                                                                           110,000.-                  185,000.-

10                                                                                         115,000.-                  192,500.-

11                                                                                         120,000.-                  200,000,-

12 ( 100% purchase for 100%usage 12 Months))   125,000.-                  207,500.-


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